4 Android TV Remote App


Peel is possibly the mostly preferred alternatives in this category, and also completely reason. For one, it could work both over your local network or through old-fashioned IR. If you have an Androids phone with an IR gun, you'll have largest possible compatibility, regardless of what your house entertainment circumstance is.

Peel also offers a $50 IR extender called the Prontos, which will approve your various other gadgets IR abilities if it lacks them. The app could even manage your smart house devices, but make indisputable: This is a TV app mostly importantly. It's the just one on our list that showcases a guide based upon your neighborhood carrier, for example, as well as it checks your watching behavior in an effort to curate better suggestions.


AnyMote is similar to Peel, only it trades several of that app's even more TV-centric functions for neat automation tricks. AnyMote can power all your smart gadgets and allows you to odd job called Macros, which are primarily chain regulates that you could send out to numerous tools at once.

If you're about to settle in for a film, you can trigger a saved Macro to turn your TV on, transform a channel or release an app, and also dim your lights concurrently. If you have an IR-enabled Androids phone, AnyMote has a separate app called Smart IR Remote that could directly manage mostly tools; or else, like Peel, AnyMote offers its very own hub. If you're an Amazons customer, you can also tell Alexa to launch commands via AnyMote.



Many thanks to a current upgrade, Sure could regulate devices throughout your house-- yet it truly focuses on your amusement. Among its more unique attributes is its capability to manage media streaming hardware, or even push local files to those tools. Utilizing Sure, you can send songs, videos, and also pictures to a Chromecast.

The reverse also uses, suggesting you could draw web content minimized a web server and play it back on your phone. One of Sure's many helpful features is its backup abilities, which prevents you from having to reconfigure in your home when you acquire a brand-new phone. Like previous applications, Sure likewise suggests a converter for compatibility with older equipment.

Unified TV

Unified TV takes a various strategy from the other applications on our listing. It just works using IR-- meaning you'll require one of a handful of LG, or HTC phones or a network-connected IR blaster. Second, the developer, Unified Intents, has actually developed handmade push-button control profiles for greater than 80 TV, set-top boxes, receivers, projectors, video game gaming consoles, as well as media gamers.

All this takes the uncertainty out of trying to figure out which commands are supported by your tools, and also having to construct customized accounts for each one. It's a simple solution to a simple issue, with no unneeded features that might otherwise stall the experience. Mostly importantly, at $1, it's presently less expensive compared to the paid versions of mostly of the TV remote applications in our summary.

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