You can lastly Control your Android TV with your Iphone

You've obtained on your own a new means to navigate your smartwares if YOU GOT a Sonys or Sharps TELEVISION from the past couple of years as well as you have an iPhones.

Finally, Googles Androids TV Remote app is now readily available in the iOSAppStore. It replicates the functionality of the same app for Androids, which has actually been offered for years.

The remote-control app for Androids TV gadgets isn't all that full-featured-- it's basically just an app variation of the plastic remote included with the GoogleNexus Player.

Regardless, it's a convenient back-up clicker or a back-from-the-dead usage case for an old iPodTouch. You have actually obtained your D-pad for browsing menus. And yo, it's cost-free.

Got that residence button right there, also. Back button? Inspect. Also has an icon on there for a-playin' as well as a-pausin', and also you can transform the whole screen into a touchpad like some type of weirdo.

Yet the mostly useful feature of the app is its double-duty microphone/keyboard attribute. You can utilize your phone as a mouthpiece for Androids TV superb voice search (hopefully Siri won't obtain jealous).

The app one-up the GoogleNexus remote by allowing you input message with your phone's touchscreen keyboard. Plus, it communicates to your TV or set-top tool over, so you do not need a line-of-sight connection. 

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